Between the grey things

This is a song I wrote a few months back, and is pretty clear cut on what I've been thinking about lately. I think I spend so much time struggling with my own doubts, and the things that I WANT to hear, that I sometimes miss out on the things God's trying to share with me. However, as the song goes, I'll always try and always say that I need God now (at least I can say that this statement is true today).

Much love.

“Between the grey things”

Once again I’m standing here
Behind a fence of my own ears
And I can’t hear you

Whisperin to my heart
My stubbornness my desperate heart
Wants you near

Ch 1
And I don’t always know the way
To find you in, and find you between the grey things

Once again I’m layin here
The grass is cold and so is my soul
And I’m just wanderin

If you’re really in the sky
I’d like to look but I can’t fly
Why’s it, so hard to fly?

And I don’t always know the way
To find you in and find you between the grey things
But I’ll always try, always say I need you now
Cause I know, I need you today

Once again I’m runnin down,
This empty street and nowhere now
And I see your face

Then from behind the clouds
I hear the words from your mouth
“you’re my wonderous one”



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