Back From "Big D" and chillin

So, had to go to Dallas for a couple days of work. It got so cold, and I learned a valuable lesson...even when you plan for cold...you still may not have planned correctly. Pretty deep huh? Yeah, I'm an idiot, got to Dallas and it was in the 20s the whole time. I had no hat, no gloves, and no good jacket. So now your thinking, "Stephen, sounds like you didn't plan at all." But, I had...I had a sweater over my button up shirt and a jump suit jacket that I covered with a ski jacket shell. So, I pretty much walked around miserable anytime I had to go outside.

Anyways, that's all.


Andrew 10:47 AM  

just stopping by to say hi. wish we were there. eat some doc chey's for me.

franammons51885976 8:30 PM  

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