The Schaum Wedding - Cashiers, NC

Right at the beginning of May I was got the opportunity to shoot a wedding for Norborne and Cathy. They have one of the coolest stories...both being a bit older but never having been married. I loved the fact that they didn't settle...they waited and found love and sealed the deal at a beautiful resort in Cashiers, North Carolina at the beginning of May.

It was also a great experience because I was able to bring along Nam Nguyen to shoot with me. Nam is an amazing photographer who's been doing this longer than me, so I feel like I learned a ton from him. He took great shots and just added to the overall package of photos that Norborne and Cathy are going to receive. THANKS NAM!!!

Here are a couple from the amazing day!

You gotta respect the location! and the camera on the right :)

31 People...and a couple people had run off already! haha...I like how it turned out though.

This Rockabilly Band Rocked the Reception...

And of course...a couple from Nam (how could I not post these???)
I totally appreciated this shot from Nam because it was the details that I really found him SO good at. I'd work with Nam every time if he'd do it!

Nam and I have similar styles, but it was cool to go through all of the images and see where we're totally different. This shot was one where our styles went really well together...all I had to do was slap a little black & white on there and it was $$$. :)

This may be the best dance reception pic I've ever seen! LOVE THIS ONE!


Bob 3:42 PM  

Nice Wedding! What an amazing location. And super sweet ring shot!

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