Garrett Moore Promo Shoot + some serious rain and missing keys

Last week another local photog, James Christerson and and I went out with our friend Garrett Moore to shoot some promo pics. You might have seen some stuff I shot for Garrett a while back, but we just wanted to go out, find some cool locations, and generally have a good time testing out new stuff. It was a blast shooting, and we even finished up pretty early because the location we found had numerous different looks all in one spot.

Lucky for us, we got to the car right as it started raining, but then realized that we'd locked the keys in the trunk! Oops...so, the severe thunderstorm rolled through with us seeking shelter in the metal shack you'll recognize in a couple of these pics. I was honestly a bit scared due to the wind causing the metal roofing to clap loudly over and over while rain breezed sideways through our little rickity shelter. It was an adventure to say the least! Here are my favs from the day + a little video montage I threw together.

Garrett Moore Photo Shoot from Stephen Hunton on Vimeo.


Zach 10:39 PM  

wow, great shots! I especially like #5

Edit by Lauren 12:24 AM  

Wow! Amazing Pics!

Roy 7:56 AM  

jealous you guys are all hanging out...darn desk job.

Deborah 10:10 AM  

amazing pics!

Lauren 12:50 AM  

Great Job! Love this!

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