My 11 Favorites...

Haven't shot anything new in a few days, so wanted to look back at some of the pics on my flickr stream to find a few of my latest favs. Photography is supposed to be fun, and it's easy to sometimes forget that when you're scrambling to meet deadlines, edit TONs of pics, and all the while have another full-time job to take up your daylight hours, so these are the pics that make me smile. Some I got paid for, others I didn't, but they all help remind me that taking pictures is indeed fun. I hope you enjoy.


Zach 8:02 PM  

So many to choose from...I'd say my fav of this list is the bride/groom walking down the beach. The wide crop is so nice, and the colors are perfect.

I'm also a big fan of the girls running.

Karidsol 5:50 AM  

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