Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Over the past month I've had a growing relationship that until recently felt like it was getting better and better. But something changed over the holidays and I realized it was time to have the DTR. We talked, and after a sleepless night of crying, remembering the good times, and talking about the future, my beard and I broke up. Today, I moved on. I'll forever miss my beard, but know that my family will be all the stronger because of its absence.


Andrew 6:08 PM  

you should have stopped at stage 5!! nothing's better than a mustache that says. "I've come for your children!"

khunton 12:53 PM  


Leo Neves 8:12 AM  

oh man!
i'm so sorry for you... i know exactly how you feel. i broke up somtimes also. you know, some people just dont understand my relationship. but we made up some months ago and we're happy now. i missed it so much.
hope you overcome the pain...

Anonymous,  10:02 AM  


PhillipL 5:11 PM  

With a stache like that I'd demand you be the detective on all major murders in Atlanta.

Carl Dolla 7:23 AM  

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