Tis the season...for family pics!

It's been so busy around The Hunton house the last couple of months. Many of you know that photography is sort of my second job, so although I love shooting and getting to be creative, it creates way more work. My goal the last couple of weeks has been to get to this weekend (December 5th) with a backlog of zero(!!!) photos, so that when I go to Florida on Thursday to shoot a wedding, I will only have new projects to worry about when I get home. With some late nights along the way, I was able to clear the list of projects, so here are a couple photos from the last month or so:


Roy 10:03 AM  

you are having lots of kids...may want to slow down a bit there stevo.

Leo Neves 12:55 PM  

Hey Stephen!

nice work here. i like the post-processing on all of them and you got nice moments captured here... keep it up. i always have something to learn by just looking at your pics.

Zach 2:13 PM  

Your stuff is looking really really good Steve-O. Very impressive portrait work.

Nam 11:54 AM  

Awesome family stuff man! What is it about fields?!? Love it.

Can't wait to see the new site when it's done!

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