Beach at Dusk

Beach at Dusk, originally uploaded by stephenhunton.com.

It's become obvious to me that I've been busy due to the fact that I realized I never put any photos from this wedding up on my blog. You can see a few of the best shots @ www.stephenhunton.com, but it's crazy that I never put anything up on the ole blog. Brandi and Nate had a beautiful wedding back in September. It was my first beach wedding and I had a blast shooting all day with them. It was a great party...so great in fact that as they were running for the car, someone decided to forgo the sparkler and just throw his beer on the groom! wow.

Anyway, hopefully I'll stop slacking and will start posting some more of my work.

I've got a bunch of shoots this weekend, but am enjoying taking holiday family pics for people, so if you're interested in a full on family shoot, or just a "holiday card picture session", send me an email at stephen.hunton@gmail.com or contact me via my website.


Scott Fillmer 6:29 PM  

great shot, for some reason I was reading your blog for your other content, not even knowing you were a fellow photog, go figure. Thanks for posting the pic so I could check out your other work. Really cool stuff.

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