Boom!Kinetic - Water in Yo Face

Over the weekend I headed to Fayetteville, AR where I went to college to hang out with Boom! Kinetic in studio. I played with a couple of the guys when I was in school, and now they're working on a new project. It was so much fun because it's like I never left when I go back. Even the guys that I didn't play with in college seem like my oldest friends when I'm there.

They had me take photos for their press kit/etc and I shot some stuff for Dave Wilson (the producer and old friend) as well. Overall it was a great weekend with much fun, much amazing music making, and many hilarious photos. This one was definitely my favorite, not only because it's just a funny shot, but also because I had this idea two weeks ago, got there and figured out how to execute the shot. This was the ONE take with actual water. We did plenty of set up shots before Wiley finally threw the water in Zach's face, but this was the only shot time that water was thrown and I couldn't have been happier with the result...we laughed our faces off after it was done! More pics will come soon!


Nam,  10:55 PM  

AWESOME shot! I'd love to see some of the 'set-up' shots...

roy 7:47 AM  

i def dig the photos - like G's as well. not sure about the band name though.

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