A Pain in the ..... back?

So, I guess I'm officially getting old because a week ago I played in a charity dodge ball tournament that Chick-fil-a put on here in Atlanta.  It was a TON of fun, but by Monday I couldn't sit at my desk without being extremely uncomfortable.  It's been a rough week for all parties involved.  I've been to the doctor, stayed at home to work laying down (just looks kinda weird laying on the floor in my cube at work), Kristine has had to basically do all of the heavy lifting around here (which includes Adler), and Adler has been frustrated by my lack of playfulness.

I am feeling a better, but still uncomfortable sitting up for a long time.  Hopefully it will continue to keep getting better, but we'll see.  If it's still bad by the middle/end of the week, I'll probably go in for another look at the DR.


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