I survived...

We took a little work lunch break at the institution known as "The Varsity" today. Famous for their nice but cranky employees who shout "What d'ya have!?", chili dogs and my favorite...The Frozen Orange. the place is way over priced, but you just get over it because, after all, it's "The Varsity". I had the Chili Dog/Chili Burger/Onion Rings and Frozen Orange combo that weighed in at just under $9. But, the combo meal does come with a free heart attack, so I guess I'm getting my money's worth. Overall, I survived...and yes...I will go back. ;)


aaron ivey,  10:58 AM  

dude, i've driven by that place a few times, but never been. i need to go.

Prodigal Jon 2:00 PM  

thanks for stopping by my site, stuff christians like

do you work for the richards group?

Andrew 6:11 PM  

ah the Varsity, my favorite place to get a heart attack too, and I agree, the FO is the best. I have early memories of going to The Varsity when my grandparents lived in Atlanta. It's a family icon for me, much like the Rendezvous in memphis.

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