Advertising Executive Attire 101

I came accross this nearly perfect depiction of an Advertising Account Executive today at Target. Notice his button up shirt, complete with tie only he is indeed wearing jeans and carrying a canvas satchel. Also, his tie is all the way up, so he's probably a bit of a brown noser and in his first two years at a major agency...Had he been carrying a briefcase and/or wearing slacks, then this theory would be thrown to the wind, but I'm pretty sure this guy is an Ad Exec. Also, keep in mind that this was found in Target, where people who have an Ad Exec salary need to shop (hence, why I found the image :) ...unlike their counterparts "The Creatives" who shop at more trendy locations and who would have had the button up shirt untucked, and probably sans the tie....also the button up is a stretch for some creatives, who often opt for the rocker graphic tees instead. The only addition I would have made to the image would have been for the guy to be checking his blackberry as he strolls the streets complete with his satchel...there is no doubt a laptop (preferably a MacBook) inside it. ;)

Oh...notice my outfit today:

and yes..."i (heart) u"


Scott 7:11 PM  

ha, yeah, it's spot on...especially the striped shirt and differently striped tie too

roy 11:30 AM  

lol, awesome post.

Andrew 6:08 PM  

very nice. great talking to you wednesday. Our paths should cross more often.

masons 8:57 PM  

this is an awesome post.
...are those TPS reports hanging on the wall?

see you guys soon.

the_wells 10:39 PM  

love this post!

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