Showin up in the everyday

I've started reading a new devotional, which is exciting for multiple reasons:
1) I actually picked up a book, sat down and started reading it
2) I like it (The Message:Remix//SOLO)
3) did I mention I picked up a book, sat down and started reading it?

You see, I'm not A.D.D. but I just always am on the move. Especially lately, with photography taking up my free time, I find myself constantly making excuses for taking time to be quiet and listen to God, because I simply just don't have enough time in the day to get it all done. I've been praying for a 29-hour day, or an 8 day week, but that prayer hasn't been answered yet. ;)

But what I'm digging about this book is that it's such a quick read each day. Just a couple minutes really let me find a simple truth to apply to my life. Right now, God's just been hammering home that HE is relevant at all times, everywhere, and in whatever I do. My tendency is to lean on God when I'm in need, and then to try and stand up straight once I find myslef on Easy St., but there has just been so many times in the last week when I've seen just how ridiculous that line of thinking is. My prayer for this book is that it will just continue to reveal this truth to me so that I might get my head out of my mental clouds and see God more clearly in my everyday.


the_wells 12:19 AM  

amen bro - i'm with you on the easy street comment..it's hard not to be relaxin, and then something happens...oh God - right.

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