Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 17

Well, as I mentioned, the iTunes gift cards from Christmas have been coming in handy...well "burning a hole in my pocket" is probably more accurate, but I did find some really great new music that I think you'll like.


I'm going to say that Eric Hutchinson is the love child of Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsby. I'm throwin it out there, Jerry Springer...if you're out there you should do a show called "Musical Love children and the Parents who brought them to us". I'd tune in. Anyway. I'm all about this guy. If you've read my other reviews you'll probably get a theme from them. I like songwriters, especially catchy/pop-driven ones that avoid getting a little too close to cheesy. Don't get me wrong...cheesy love songs have their place in everyone's heart, right next to the memories of 7th grade slow dances with the girl you're crushin on, groovin to Boyz 2 Men.

In all seriousness, Eric is a great songwriter. He plays guitar and keys and has a great sound surrounding him from the band. I'd totally go see him play next week here in Atlanta, opening up for OneRepublic at The Tabernacle if I didn't have to play the next night, but babysitters are hard to come by...and so is talent like this, so go check him out!!!


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