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One of my goals for my photography in 2008 is going to be to see more color, design, beauty, etc in every day life. For the past year I've been working on my skills as a portrait photographer, also doing the wedding over the holidays, but as I've explored more and more photographers' work on flickr.com I've discovered a desire to be more aware of things with my camera. There are so many great photographers, that are not shooting faces half the time and their images are drawing me in because they take you somewhere.

A couple recommended sites to check out:
Trever Hoehne
Mark Fleming
Joshua Longbrake
Cristina Corduneanu
Paul Octavious

So, the resolution for 2008 will be to have my camera with me more often, as well as having my eyes open along the way. It's so easy to just drive to work, head down, listening to talk radio that's worthless INSTEAD of driving to music that brings me closer to God while looking around at creation and hopefully capturing some "beauty" along the way.

Anyway, here are a couple of the first images I've snapped due to just having my camera in the car. It snowed buckets here in Atlanta yesterday, and luckily I had my camera in the car and was able to snap a few pictures before it got too dark. Had I left it at home, there's no way that I'd have gotten to the house and been out quick enough to capture any pictures. Let the resolution accountability begin:


Life in Pictures 3:31 PM  

love it, stephen! these are amazing. you are so talented, my friend!

Lauren 9:51 PM  

captivating! i really like this series. well seen stevo!

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