Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 15

Wow...it's been a long time since I've done a music review, probably because I feel pretty disconnected to music at current. I've missed my guitar and writing music, as other responsibilities and hobbies have required more of my time. But in the past week or so, a message of renewal in my spiritual life from a Jeff Henderson talk at Buckhead Church, I found myself looking for not only music to ride the wave with, but spiritual music that helps my heart to chew on some of those thoughts...enter:

I've been an RSB fan for a long time. They've always been a solid Christian band, one that is original and has somehow avoided some of the "cheese factor" that some Christian artists can adhere their sound too. But their latest album "Give Yourself Away" is by far their most mature to date. They got a great sound out of the studio, and Robbie's extremely original voice rings through in each note. Lyrically, an album of hope, and musically an album that gives my hands reason to play congas on my steering wheel as I drive home from an often monotonous day in a cubicle. Thanks for a great album Robbie Seay and Band. You guys are awesome and I hope everyone else catches on to your catchy, inspired music.


roy 6:31 PM  

I agree, I dig this CD as well - good live as well.
hope you see you on Tues, not sure due to some travel stooof.

Society's Elite 12:53 PM  

heard good things about RSB from donald miller... haven't listened yet though...

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