Back in the saddle...

well, maybe not completely back in the saddle, but I did get to play some of my songs live last night @ Smith's Olde Bar here in Atlanta. It was a blast to get to be on stage again and play a few tunes. I even busted out a song I wrote the night before, which went pretty well. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out on a Tuesday night, I know that's not the best night for a night out. But, they do want to book me again in February, so I'm already looking forward to that.

The new song I wrote the other night (title TBD) is just about the recent reflection I've had on how blessed I am. I think it's so easy to think of our lives in terms of how we can improve, get more money, make more friends, be funny, drive a sweet car, etc etc. Thinking about improvement isn't necessarily wrong, but when it puts a fog over all of the blessing you have in your life, that's a problem. I think in the last couple weeks I've just been reminded of the blessing in my life. From Kristine and all she is to me, to Adler's laugh & even his cry, to the friends we have, to our home, etc etc. God is amazing and real. The song basically wrote itself in 15 minutes after I heard Adler crying into the monitor and just realized what a blessed sound that is to get to hear. There's so much hope in the sounds and smells of your loved ones. I find so much security in the smell of Kristine's hair when we're laying on the couch watching a movie with her asleep on me. I'm so thankful for what I have.

Hopefully I'll do a rough version of the new song in the next day or so and post it.


roy 3:18 PM  

well, didnt get to make it....stink. keep me posted for February fo sure.

khunton 10:48 PM  

gosh, i love you!

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