Song 2....."June 18th"

My randomness w/ video continues. Here's another recent song I wrote...man I love my MapBookPro. ;) Hope you like the song, and all the sweet spots where I fudge a note or two vocally. Question: did I not correct this because A) I'm transparent and authentic or B) too lazy to rerecord it again after I played it all the way through... if you answered "B"...you are correct, however...shame on you for doubting my authenticity! ;)

Just a little background...so Kristine and I started dating on June 18th, 1997...the summer before our senior year of high school. We were at the beach with a bunch of friends. We'd been flirting for weeks and Kristine finally "manned up" and said "So, are we just chillin or what?" At this moment, it started raining and all of our friends were ready to leave. SO, we had to drive home the entire way with Katie and Dan in the back seat and couldn't talk about what was happening between us...on the drive back we listened to Matchbox 20's first CD and Dan and Katie rocked out...that was our favorite album of the year probably, hence the chorus of this song.

Basically, we've been together for almost 10 years (counting dating in high school) and have been through so much. There have been ups and downs, sweet spots and sour ones, but overall I love this girl uncontrolably and that's why I wrote this song.

Later skaters.


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