If God isn't a stuffed monkey who claps cymbals together...

then why do I treat Him that way so often? I was recently reading the first chapter of Donald Miller's "Searching for God knows What" and he aludes to the way we often treat God as a monkey, or computer, or jeanie in a bottle, who is at our disposal to do as we wish because, after all, we are really in control.

I think I act this way, unconciously (and conciously), very frequently. I know that God is really all about a relationship and the opportunity to know Him and be known. I know that He's not requiring my fulfillment of law for hapiness and that I'm living in His big world, and I'm just a spec of dust on it...but yet, when I think of the activities of my life, my brain (as small as it is) constantly wants me to make the decisions, call the shots, drive the boat, fly the kite (that's for you Steger), direct the orchestra, etc etc.

Why is it so hard to just sit back and give God control? To seriously speak to him "your will be done"? I do pray that often, when the decisions are daunting and life changing (IE - buying a house, switching jobs, getting ready for a child to be born), but I think that I act prior to getting his answer very often...and even more frequently, doubt his response once I get it.

The funny thing is that I know better. I've seen more blessings than can be counted when I've truly trusted God, yet my flesh calls out for control on almost every occasion. I want to trust that God is my captain...that He would take the reigns in my everyday life and that I would be obedient to that in every area (finances, marriage, parenting, job, friendships, stewardship of time, etc etc).


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