David & Melissa

This weekend was probably the longest weekend I've experienced in recent years. Friday was a late night at work (left at 9:30). I went home and got ready to sleep and leave the house by 7am for Memphis where Dave and Melissa were getting married. Dave was the horn player in b-side (my college band), so I new that seeing all the guys would be fun. We had a blast, and I was reminded why those guys are so much fun to be around. It was an amazing wedding, and we spent the rest of the time goofing around w/ the camera.

It was also great because it gave me the chance to shoot some wedding pics. Greg and I traded off with my Nikon (he forgot his) all night and ended up shooting around 850 pics in one day. I'll be posting the best to flickr for you to check out, but in the meantime, here are a few of the favs we took.


Nam Nguyen,  12:45 AM  

Stevo - I absolutely LOVE the 2nd shot! Way to go man!

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