How Beautiful Is This Time

Man, you’re just a kid
Twenty seven, where life begins
But I’m gonna have to grow into this
Style of livin’s different than my threads

I’ve checked real estate off my list,
Only, I in a grey box from 9 till late
but I look on past this minute
outside this space wonderment persists

how beautiful is this time
knowing when day breaks
I’ll Go back to bein fine

He said what is this
You call it happiness, I say it isn’t
Because I know more than measurements
20 feet past tomorrow is just one step

This is just a few lyrics from a song I've been thinking about lately. I spend a lot of time thinking how old and mature I must be, because of my status as a "Dad" and the fact that I own real estate, and all that other jazz that ADULTS do. But in reality, I'm still young, foolish, and all the rest...it's the realization that I don't have it all together, but that with Christ I will be alright..things will be fine and I just need to remember that God sees beyond what my mind is capable.


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