Good Intentions...

...are always appreciated, but how many times is the outcome good when you hear someone say "well, _______'s intentions were good"? Pretty much never, because if you're saying that, then you're basically defending that persons motives for screwing something up, right?

Andy Stanley (our pastor at Buckhead Church) started talking about Intentions vs. Traveling down the right path on Sunday, and it really got me thinking. I spend so much of my time using that phrase in my own brain, when speaking to myself. "Well, Stephen, your intentensions were good. You know that you meant to get up and work out this morning, but you didn't and just because you're seriously considering going up a pant size, doesn't mean you didn't mean well. Good job self, you've earned ice cream and a beer after dinner for your good intentions." That's a silly example, but how many more I have in my arsenal of intentions would take more time than I have and would probably shed too much light on my shady character.

Sure, there are instances where intentions are not the final destination due to things outside our control, but how often? How many times have I intended to be a good husband, but have instead opted at the last moment to play guitar instead of playing "dish cleaner" while waiting on Kristine to get home?...only to then scurry into the kitchen as I hear the garage door opening to work as quickly as possible, so that I get "props" for having come home and done the dishes without prompting...I am sneaky (and probably in trouble for admitting I've ever done that). At least lately, I've done dishes without first strumming the ole guitar, but my brain is constantly fighting me to "take a few minutes for yourself...you've worked hard today, and you deserve some "Stevo time".

All the silly examples aside, I desire to act upon my intentions by moving along paths that will deliver me to that intended destination. I want to intend to follow God and to then meet him by going down the path of a quiet time in the morning, or by taking a "smoke break" at work to glance at Scripture to remind me of who He is. It's been good to think of what intentions I have that I'm currently not arriving at, but also dissapointing, because I've realized how many things I can find excuses for not completing. The hard part is that my "excuses" are not bad things, but they do hinder me from following the paths that can lead me towards actually coming to arrive at my intended destinations.

(NOTE: "Smoke Break" stands for the 5 minutes here or there that I believe Non-Smokers deserve for "self" during the work day. We don't smoke, yet were penalized for it by not being officially granted the permission to step outside and have a ciggy-treat. I'm all for smokers going out and smoking, but don't we all get a few minutes then?...random rambling OVER)


Aaron Ivey 10:22 AM  

man, good word about intentions. i'm like that too sometimes. i enjoy reading your blog. peace.

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