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SIKE...ok. I'm the worst blogger ever...has it really been this long since I've posted something? I know that my mind spits out all kinds of rediculous stuff daily, so it's just a matter of my lazy bones and not feeling like I have the time to write "stuff". Have you ever felt like, if there were just an 8th day in the week or 2 more hours of daylight a day, that you might be able to get through with everything? That's kind of how I feel in the midst of family, Adler time, work, travel for work, family travel recently, music creation (more on this later), etc etc. It can just get a bit "REdonk".

"But, Stevo...we don't really care...how are you?"...

"Hmmm, thanks for asking friend. I'm actually really good. Although feeling like there's not enough time in the day, I really do feel like the time I'm getting is the best. Adler is amazingly large & CUTE. He's by far the coolest dude I know, and I love him so much more than I think I could have believed I would. Kristine has been an amazing wife and an amazing mom throughout the whole process too. I wish you could see her in action the way that I do, because it's truly inspirational. She gives me so much strenght and motivation to be a better person. My love for her has grown exponentially over the last 6 months."

"So, Stevo, that's great too...what about that 'music' stuff you mentioned before?"

"Wow...thanks for bringing that up, I almost forgot..."

so, last week was the "Benefit Concert" that my ad agency The Richards Group puts on every year. This year, it was at Lakewood Theater in Dallas, and it was a total blast. The previous year, I'd played a few songs by myself, acousticly...This year, with the help of my brother Patrick and a friend Jay Snider (who lives in TX like my bro) I played 6 songs...3 of which were new, with bass and drums. It was great, and I'd forgotten how much I LOVE being on stage playing music. There's just something about it that you can't duplicate by playing songs to yourself on the corner of the bed in the guestroom. I hope to have the video and audio posted soon so that you can check it out, but here's a pic of me "rocking out"

There are so many things that I still need to blog about:
-Graycen (our God Daughter's 2year bDay party)
-The Hunton, Fountain, Clayton Wine Tasting Extravaganza (6 people....6 bottles....good times)
-Adler's latest pics and fun happenings
-The List Goes On

Anyway, I miss you all and hope that you're all doing amazing.
God Bless.

Stevo "Mediocre Blogger Hoping to be Better" Hunton


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