it's April???

It's been a crazy couple of months. Life just seems to get faster and faster, with work travels, family visits to the Grandparents and more, The Huntons have just been running around like crazy. I can't believe how slow life was prior to Adler's arrival! I definately find myself missing the pace from time to time...you know, the ability to choose to be lazy for a couple more minutes, or to swing inside a random store/shop on the way home from somewhere, because you're not on any kind of "schedule". It's amazing how regimented things can be, although for a great reason, and how short time feels these days.

With work being pretty busy I've had to do a fair bit of traveling, but more than that, I've been getting home closer to 7pm most evenings. This is, in a way, crazy time, because I'm tired from the stresses of work, but I'm home and now only have around an hour before Adler goes to bed. I wish there were more hours in the day. The best thing, of late, is that as Adler gets tired, he loves to be held and cuddled with (whereas, for a while, I'd come home and he'd scream his head off in tired frustration). This time is precious to me, and I wouldn't trade it in for the world.

Earlier I said I find myself missing the pace of life prior to Adler, but really I love the pace now more than the slower speed of old. The pace now involves so much more purpose. My stress (which has been there prior to Adler) actually has even more value now, because I know I'm working to raise a child and support a family. But, that doesn't mean that my lazy butt doesn't wish that I could "veg" out on the couch a bit more.


roy 10:50 PM  

as i read i am jealous and not jealous at the same time - i am sure you understand the paradox. good to hear things are well and tough, means your not fake and alive.

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