my child, in whom I am pleased

Wow...I am a Dad.

I've spent much of the last 10 months dreaming of, freaking about, praying for, planning, hoping, and so forth for the arrival of our son Adler Ryan. He's now almost a month old (this Sunday) and I can honestly say that he is the most rediculously awesome thing ever. His features, his heartbeat, his smile when he poops himself, his sigh (that he just started doing this week), and the list goes on...are all beautiful pictures of God's majesty.

There are so many things to be scared of, so many things to worry about, but somehow Kristine and I have gotten through 4 weeks as parents. That in itself is a praise to Him. It's so funny to go through this, because EVERYTHING is a first...every first cry, the first goopy eye, the first rash on his bum...with all of it, we just shake our heads and figure it out. It's crazy. Kristine has shown her true colors in this whole process too...for some people I think their colors end up being negative, but Kristine's true colors are the most beutiful painting I've ever seen. She is a Mom. She is my Wife. I am Proud. I am Blessed. I am thankful for all I have.

*For more about The Huntons check out thehuntons.blogspot.com, as this site is about my random thoughts, recomendations and musical preferences, we'll keep most of the Adler news at that page.


Anonymous,  5:49 PM  

great blog. you have had some great thoughts - perhaps its the fatherly wisdom now coming out in you.
thanks - see you soon.

corey 2:13 PM  

your going to be an amazing dad!

Anonymous,  9:29 PM  

He is absolutely gorgeous, and your pictures of him are great. Photography in your future, perhaps?

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