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Just got back from one of my favorite shoots of all time. I'm still editing through all of the pics, but that's probably because of 2 things. 1) I took a ton of pics and 2) Kristine took a bunch of pics....(to be continued)...

You'll hear all about Kristine's first experience as a wedding photographer in an upcoming post. Not sure whether or not she'll ever want to shoot with me again, but she should because she took some GREAT shots during the day.

Before we made our way up to some of the most beautiful country we've seen, we got to hang out in the big apple for a day, without the kiddos. It was a welcome break with my best friend and partner in crime. We did our best to see the local fare, walking from 52nd street all the way down to 13th street and back up again. Hitting up B&H, the high line, Chelsea Market, Spice Market, and Pink Berry all along the way. That night we had a great dinner at Bar Americain (a Bobby Flay joint) and then grabbed a drink at a cool little bar before grabbing some zzzzzz's and getting ready for our drive upstate the next morning.

Just a couple shots we grabbed along the way:

-see a couple more on My Flickr Stream


rushingray 2:59 PM  

Good stuff. I really like the one of Kristine with her cell.

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