Paige + Jason + Summer Georgia Rain

I had the chance to shoot Paige and Jason's wedding in Covington, GA on May 23rd. It was at the home of the FFA, on their large campgrounds and was an amazingly beautiful place to get married. Paige and Jason were such cool people and made shooting so easy (as you can tell from the pics), but the rain did test us quite a bit.

The bridal party was huge and everybody seemed to have a fun/lively personality, so it was a blast hanging out with everyone...even if we had to dodge the rain a bit.

The biggest challenge of the day was that the outdoor wedding had to move inside, to a basketball gym with no lighting aimed at the stage...I didn't want to shoot with a flash because it would have been pretty distracting in that dark room, so I just opened up my ISO and let 'er rip. I'm pretty happy with what I got, but was definitely sweating it a bit when the last minute decision was made to go in. All in all, an amazing day with great people and some fun images as proof.

Thanks Paige and Jason for a great day!


Anna Martin (Armstrong),  5:27 PM  

No way! Paige is a friend of mine! We have so many mutual connections...

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