Elijah was sleepy tonight, so we couldn't help but play with him while he slept so we could take pictures of him naked. Definitely the pics that his girlfriend in highschool will cherish. ;)

We love how sweet he is! Who do you think he looks like?


the_wells 11:58 PM  

i love him..he looks like you stephen! really different than adler..although you can tell that they are brothers! can't wait to meet him and hold him!

Chris, Bonnie, Caleb and Emerson 1:14 PM  

He looks like his daddy, I can see Kristine but much more of you! He is so precious, great pictures Stephen.

Jaime 1:56 PM  

The pictures are great....so sweet it makes me want to hold him. I think he looks like you Stephen. Love you guys!

Deanna 2:13 PM  

love his hair, adorable!

Tim Harman 6:48 PM  

Stephen...great to meet you as well! Great shots of your little one. Maybe I'll see you at another meeting sometime!

LaurenZ 1:05 AM  

I think he looks the Deyoe side!

emily v 2:27 PM  

so stinkin' sweet!

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