Eli & The Hunton Family

We're officially a family of four. Everyone's at the house, everyone's getting used to the new edition, including our two dogs who don't quite know what to think. It's so great to have Elijah home. It's been a long week, but thanks to family and friends we're getting a little rest (we'll take what we can get). I'll be heading back to work on Monday, so I'm trying to enjoy time with my family, bonding with my new son and helping Adler to get to know his little brother. Here are a couple more that we took at the hospital before leaving. :)


Lauren 12:38 AM  

so gorgeous! what a beautiful family you have.

he is so handsome. so fearfully and wonderfully made.

i rejoice with you guys.

(btw... LOVE his outfit. it's so sweet.)

bob 8:52 AM  

Congrats on bringing another wonderful boy into the world. Eli and his family will be blessed!

Corey, Shelley & Miles 9:56 AM  

oh my goodness you guys he is so beautiful! He's perfect in every way. I can't wait to meet him. I hope you guys are getting some rest! I wish I was there to hug you all! Congrats, he is so precious.
p.s. I love the pics!

The Stasia 6:04 PM  

These are amazing. He is adorable. really so adorable. stevo looks tired. Kris, you look awesome. I am so impressed.

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