Hurricane Ike - The Aftermath at The Hunton Beach House

Hurricane IKE blew through Galveston over 3 months ago, but his effects are still being felt on the Bolivar Peninsula where my parents had our beach house. The house has provided so many fun times over the 10 years that we had the beach...Prom 1998, countless trips, Adler's first 4th of July (that he'd know was happening). It's sad to think of all that was destroyed in the area, from peoples homes to their businesses. Fortunately, ours was a vacation house, but it still stings. We visited the beach this week, 3 months after the storm, and my Mom let me know that this is a VAST improvement from where it was 3 weeks after the storm. They hope to rebuild, but have currently moved from the second row of the beach, to front row, and now wonder if they'll be told that they actually will not have that land any longer. Either way, they'll probably rebuild on the beach somewhere and the memories will continue soon. Here are a "couple" images from our quick trip down to Holiday Beach.

This is my parents house...

This is my parents Jeep. Liability Insurance probably isn't going to cut it...


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