Adler the Aquatic - Countdown to Brotherhood

As a last big hurrah for Adler as an only child, we set out on Sunday for a day of fun. We started off at the aquarium and ended up in Centenial Park here in Atlanta where where Adler was able to burn some energy off. I just love the amount of wonder that he has in his eyes as he explores the aquarium. It's that youthful excitement that you wish you could bottle up and bring to work with you, that you'd see beauty around you and wonder at things like the sky, or clouds, or a revving engine from a shiny car. His passion for life is addicting and my hope is that, as a Dad, I'll be able to help him hold onto that passion.

A couple snaps with the ole 50mm 1.8 money maker! Seriously, this is the best lens you could ever buy for the money. No other "on brand" lens can hang with this when you factor in the cost vs. value. Sure, you could spend well over $1k and get some fancy glass, but I use this ALL the time and have found that it actually helps me improve my eye because I have to move around to get the right shot.


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