Photography can be more than a captured moment

Steven Bush is a blogger, musician, photographer who is in the process of adoption. These costs add up and he's doing something really cool to help raise the money they need. Go check out the awesome photography that he's selling for just $35 a piece. This will get you a really cool photo printed as an 8x10 and will help them get a bit closer to the funds they need.

It also has stirred up the desire in my heart to do something more with my photography. Getting to do photography on the side for a little money here and there is a huge blessing, but I've started dreaming up ways that art might be used to impact greater things than my budget (though this is important as well). I've got a couple ideas that I hope I can flesh out over the next few weeks with some of you and hope to have an update soon.


Leo 12:04 PM  

Hey Stephen!

I'm glad i 'discovered' your blog through Daley Hake's. You're on my favs now. Anyway, have you ever heard about these guys?


Doing something more than budget with my photography is also one of my dreams. But i'd have to become a good photographer first...


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