Playing in the sand box

Had to post one of my favorite photos from my week in Los Angeles. It was such an awesome shoot and we had a great time watching all of these amazing Athletes do their thing. Thank goodness the Director didn't mind me running around with my camera like a 6 year old in a Toys R Us.

This is Jake Arnold. He's a Decathlete that's getting ready for the trials in Eugene, OR next week. Jake saved us a day of shooting when the female athlete we'd booked for the shoot bailed on us, due to hurt feet. I guess I can't blame her, since she's just training for this little event called THE OLYMPICS, but nonetheless Jake got a phone call the day before the shoot, said yes, and then was at the stadium the next day, ready to jump his arse off.

Good luck Jake! We'll all be watching.


Nick Ayres 5:48 PM  

dude that's a cool picture.

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