Mass Email!

So, I'm totally not a mass email guy, but I just hit send on an email to around 140 people!  Yikes...sorry if you got it and hate me now, but hopefully it will cause you to check out MY SITE and then tell all your friends about it. ;)

In other related news, I've had a couple shoots recently and am pouring through all of the images, so hopefully there will be some cool stuff to post soon.  Plus, this weekend I'm shooting another wedding, only this one comes complete with a bossy church and lots of rules...I'm not big on rules when shooting weddings because rules keep you from getting close enough to really capture the moment.  Might have to break a couple rules! I mean, they are meant to be broken....right?

This weekend is also the big 6-year anniversary for Kristine and I.  I'm really excited about a date out with my lady and am pretty pumped about the dinner location.  More on the big 6 later!


rushingray 4:28 PM  

Church photography rules suck. Usually they don't want you to use a flash and then during the ceremony every family member breaks out their point and shoot and goes to town with their flash! I usually ignore that rule.

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