Can you buy time?

If you can, please let me know where I can find it...I've really been struggling to find time to get it all done. I don't really think that I'm that busy, but for some reason, last night I just felt like there was so much going on and I just didn't have the capacity to finish it. Kristine lovingly reminded me that "you don't have to finish it all tonight", but I just tend to feel like I'm getting behind if I'm not ahead.

Some of you know that I'm currently working on my official photography website. I've purchased the site and domain and am so close to being done, but just can't get it "perfect". Perfection really isn't a mandate, but as opposed to flickr, where I'll post just about anything...this site is a represenation of images that I feel should give someone a reason to pay me to take pictures of them...it's a bit daunting, because I have so many pictures I love...guess I'm biased ;) but the site needs to sell my work to someone else, not me. It needs to be a snap-shot, but yet have enough work that someone can spend time getting to know my style and enjoy the galleries, but it shouldn't drown them in too many images...as you can see, I'm probably mulling over it a bit too much and considering that the only time to work on it is when I'm not at my day job, there's not much time.

Factor in busy weekends last month and this month (wedding this weekend and then Hilton Head vacation...then Adler's surgery....the May 30th show @ Smith's Olde Bar and May 31st wedding shoot...then June 7th anniversary and June 8th wedding shoot) and it just all seems to run together. Arrggggghhhh...which aisle @ Wal-Mart do I find "more time" at?

On a positive note:
I had the best time with Adler last night. Kristine went to get her hair did and Adler and I hung out in the office for a minute...everyone was so impressed with his fun attitude and good looks (yeah, he gets those from his mother) and he had fun playing with the balloons he found. We went home, had some pasta and then took a bath...after that we just cuddled on the floor for a while. It was THE BEST cuddle time with Adler yet, because he was cuddling back. Before, he'd just lay in my arms sleepy and let me rub his arm or kiss his head, but last night he was hugging me back, playing with the hair on my arms and even tickling the scruff on my face and pulling me in to kiss his cheeks. It was one of the best moments as his Dad I've had yet and thinking about it just erases any concerns of not having enough time because I just get lost in that moment. Love you Adler!


khunton 12:35 PM  

You are such a great daddy! Adler loves you too!

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