NKOTB back in action

Finally, my prayers have been answered!!!


rushingray 1:38 PM  

Amazing! For real, no joke. I will probably watch this and enjoy it.

masons 8:54 PM  

thanks for taking care of shelley and miles last weekend. can't wait till i can catch up with you guys.

Anonymous,  9:39 AM  

Check out Nasri's myspace to see the writer behind the NKOTB reunion. He's the next biggest thing in the industry and will prove it by making the NKOTB big again. Check out his hit song " Half Time" and add him as a friend.

check it out and stay tuned for more info.

Anonymous,  9:28 PM  

I think its so awesome that New Kids On The Block has finally gotten back together! I Always Loved NKOTB!
Check out more news and info at www.NKOTBReunion.com


Anonymous,  1:42 PM  

I just finished listening to Nasri's songs on his myspace and he is amazing. He is actually the reason the NKOTB is getting back together. Go check him out and have a listen you will love his music.

My favorite song is "NOT THE SAME"

He also co-wrote the new song Click Click Click and “summertime” for the NKOTB.



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