Wait on God (?)

I was reading my iPhone bible today (hurray for technology) and went to Psalm 27. Today's the 27th day of March, so it seemed fitting to check it out. It's a Psalm from David and it put two truths in front of me that I haven't thought about in quite some time...maybe that's because I make myself so busy that I've only got time for God on my iPhone (post for another time I guess).

The first truth was inside "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear" and this hit me because of my tendency to worry about things financial/occupational/etc. God just smacked me in the face with the fact that HE has my back. period. If I truly accept Christ, and thus believe in His power, then why would I be afraid of any person or thing. He is the stronghold of my life, meaning it's His call when stuff good/bad happens to me. It was just comforting to hear today.

The second truth came at the end of the chapter; "Wait for the Lord, let your heart take courage, wait for the Lord". This just gave me such a sense of peace, but also at the same time thumped me on the head that I too often live at my own pace, not God's, and in that find myself running past where He might want me to actually be. Isn't it so hard in our culture to not just keep running towards the next position, salary, job title, bigger mortgage, faster/shinier car, bling-ed out watch, etc etc etc and not wait on God. God's timing has OVER and OVER shown itself to be perfect, yet I feel like sometimes I'm jogging through life, missing the scenery around me, and looking over my shoulder at God saying "Hurry up Dude! I've got somewhere else to be!" Wind blowing through my hair from the jogging and the farther in front of God I get, the harder it is to hear his voice say "wait on me son, this is where I want you for now".

I guess my prayer today is that I'll recognize my tendencies in both of these areas and lean on the truths He gave me today.


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