Peek - a collection inspired by The Longbrake

Joshua Longbrake is a writer, photographer, blogger, and I'm sure much more...guy who goes to graduate school in Seattle. I somehow came accross his flickr page back in the day when I was starting to get interested in photography and his work has been particularly inspiring, not in a "I wanna take pictures like him" way, because he is "he" and I am "me", but in a "He sees something interesting and executes...I want to be that way in my own style.

Anyway, I'd post some examples of his work, but that's not really kosher, if you know what I'm sayin, so check out his blog or flickr pages for some really cool stuff:

The Longbrake on Flickr!!!


roy 8:41 AM  

good photos indeed. interesting, i just came across the muxtape thing myself which he talks about. sorda a cool experiment there.

Joshua 11:26 AM  

Thanks Steven. That's really, really kind of you.

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