17 months new

Adler is officially 17 months old, he's over 35 lbs, wearing 3T clothing, size 6 diapers, talking his head off, rockin a size 8 shoe, throwing overhand, singing, dancing, playing basketball, bongos, running laps around the kitchen, grabbing Tristan and Sadie's tail, crying to go outside, laughing at Elmo, and so on. Life with Adler is so amazing. Being his Dad is such a blessing and has given me such a new perspective on life. There's just not much better than having him run up to me and wrap his arms around me and squeeze. I feel his unconditional love so strongly. It's crazy. This boy just makes me well up with pride. I am so thankful for him!


roy 9:06 AM  

and he even knows how to spell his name with magnets....the hunton's have a whiz kid!

khunton 8:17 AM  

so sweet! Alder has a great daddy too!

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