S Hunton Photography @ Buckhead Church

So, the blog world is officially bringing business to S Hunton Photography. It's really amazing to see how God will orchestrate things through the internet. From my first friends at the University of Arkansas in 1998, to getting booked to shoot at Buckhead Church last Sunday. One of the cool parts about the job was that I was finally able to meet Carlos Whittaker, whose blog is linked to the right. I'd randomly gotten connected to his blog through my best friend and realtor extraordinaire John Fountain. I'd read his blog and even traded emails, but had never met him in person although he works at Buckhead Church where Kristine and I go.

Anyway, long story short, Carlos is connected to some crazy talented photographers (many of whom I'd found on the internet long before) who all (fortunately for me) live in CA. He posted a blog about needing a photog for some Buckhead promo pictures and luckily for me, another good friend from the Arkansas days Jason Miller threw my name out as a recommendation. Carlos shot me an email and here are a couple of my favorites from the day:


Kristen 9:04 PM  

stephen, the pics look great! can't wait to see the rest.

roy 10:21 PM  

they do look awesome. u may be even to make me look good with your mad skills.

Virginia 9:19 AM  

Stephen, those pics are amazing. You are so talented!


http://normalrockstar.myvidoop.com 9:42 AM  

Great shots, Stephen! They look great... Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I've added your blog to my blogroll - if you get a second and can do the same, that would be awesome. Just use this URL: http://jeremythiessen.typepad.com. Thanks, man!

JB 8:06 PM  

Awesome photos bro...It's cool to see Sunday in still form...

Anonymous,  9:25 PM  

Stephen, thanks so much for doing this. The photos are amazing. Grateful,
Jeff Henderson

Anonymous,  12:53 PM  

Steven. wow, these are some kickin' images. q: what kind of lens did u use for the crowd pic? just wondering.

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