Trader Joes!

Kristine and I have become pretty big fans of a little store called "Trader Joe's". I guess they have 'em all over, and Atlanta is lucky enough to have at least two. Now, it's original fascination came when we found out that they had "Two-Buck-Chuck", a bottle of wine (multiple varietals) for $2.49! Given that Kristine and I are on a budget, and the fact that we enjoy wine from time to time, this was just a no brainer. It's completely "drinkable" stuff, although I will say it's not the best. I have found a bunch of cheap wine that tastes great, but nothing close to $2.49, so we like to have some laying around for when the event isn't super special. For that we'll go up to like $14! Big Spenders!!! Anyway.

My new love for Trader Joe's comes from our recent trip. We just wanted to pick up some goodies, and of course as I was passing one of the many "sections of weakness" for me (Pickles/Cheese) I noticed that they had "Half Sours" THESE ARE LIKE CRACK FOR ME. I don't know what it is, but if you've ever eaten at Ted's Montana Grill, you've had the pickles and they've stolen my heart like a Danielle Steele book steals the hearts of lonely women everywhere. The main problem is that I can go through a jar in like 2-3 days, so it's not very economical...but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and satisfy your soul with something as tasty as a Half-sour.

Beyond my addiction of pickles and the great/cheap wines they have, we also love Trader J's because they're so NICE there. They give Adler a balloon, which occupies him for 3/4 of our visit, they have tasty organic snacks to try (Adler loves organic yogurt) and free coffee samples. It's really amazing. If you've yet to go to one, go check it out!


roy 3:43 PM  

perhaps that should be our next date? huh huh. I heart trader's as well, not too close to me however.

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