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So true....Coke in a can just doesn't measure up to Coke in a bottle...and not the plastic bottle, but the glorious glass bottle...with that shade of green and full of memories of childhood. What's better than an ice cold bottle of coke?

what products do you have nostalgic experiences with?


Anonymous,  8:19 AM  

all I know is that i would drink you up mister....

roy 8:20 AM  

who's your crush?

Rylie 1:17 AM  

I totally disagree with your thoughts on glass bottles. I mean, seriously Stephen...what is it that makes you think it is so glorious to lock lips with glass? What feelings of wonderment does this really create for you? We never grew up sitting in a candy store around the coke fountain with Curly behind the bar sliding a glass bottle into our eager little hands at the end of the bar. We are children of the eighties...we grew up watching creepy Pepsi commercials playing duckhunt and wondering how they made Pepsi clear....clear. People who talk about glass coke bottles and similar ridiculously nostalgic things are just trying to be original when in reality their efforts to be original only make them cliche. For me the memories of childhood are evoked much more by cracking open an ice cold can of orange sunkist...just like the ones Ashley Turner used to bribe me to play kickball at the end of the cul-de-sac with so there would be an even number of kids playing...even though I sucked. It was worth getting pegged with that big red ball just knowing that Ashley would give me a can of Sunkist when it was all over. People should stop trying to be so original. I feel the same way about emoticons and t-shirts that say things like..."My boyfriend is SOOO cute." Puleeease. As John Stosill would say...."Give me a break!"

-Your loving sister-in-law

Rylie 1:17 AM  

I'm still at work waiting for things to render...I'm a little bitter.

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