Last night was the first official CLUB for YL at Riverwood HS. It was really fun, and it's so cool to see the veteran kids and the new kids get "Jacked UP" for some Young Life. We took Adler with us, so it was fun for the kids to see the big guy and to love on him. A great time overall.

One of the games we played involved tying a baloon around one ankle and then hoping around to try and stomp everyone else's balloon. It was pretty fun to watch, and Adler clapped the whole time. But.....of course.....at the end of club, someone decided that it would be fun to play again...only this time, you had to tie the string around BOTH ankles, so that you were hopping on both feet, as though you were hog tied...I remember thinking to myself...."Self: someone will probably get hurt in this game"

In typical fashion - me.

During the game, as I came down from my soaring heights of a jump, one kid jumped upward and his SKULL became like an arrow in the night, set to kill a helpless rabbit, and found its resting place square on my nose. 'CRUNCH' was the sound we heard. Eyes filled with water and that hot pain filled my face...felt great. Well, I don't think my nose is broken, but it is a bit swollen, as evidenced in the picture above.

I love YL!!!


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