Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 13

I know that I typically use "Stevo's Latest Music Reviews" to attempt to introduce you to someone you may not have heard of yet...you see it's what we, in the corporate world, like to call a "Win-Win"...you get new music and I get to feel like I'm the cool guy with the solid music recommends. Well, this time, I'm aborting that mission and simply going to tell you what you need to go buy. You've probably heard of this band, but you may not know that the new album just came out today... so, without further ado:


Every album that DCB drops is a growth from the previous album. There is always the vibe of DCB, but they constantly try new sounds, new directions, and honestly it tickles my musical funny bone in the best possible way. This album is more "worship" oriented than the last couple, but the pieces of music are all really solid. You should buy the album because it might melt your face and cause you to spontanteously flash rocker "bull horns"!!! (see below for example)


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