Howdy stranger...

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, but things have been very busy. Very busy indeed. Last week was totally nuts, including a 6:30am fllight to Dallas on Thursday morning, which led to all day meetings and focus groups until 10:30pm in the evening...then checked into the hotel, slept until 4:20 and woke up to leave the hotel by 4:50 to catch our 6:50 am flight back to Atlanta. whew...wirlwind much?

Life is great, but I don't think I've every felt more stress. Maybe it's because I have a child to support, or maybe it's the quick trips that just take a lot out of you because you feel like you never take a deep breath...it's always moving, and there's no time to just sit and be still. At home I don't desire to be still, but my body contradicts me, and makes me feel as though I deserve a break. The reality of my heart is that I know Kristine is the one with the need for a break...I honestly can't imagine raising a child all day, every day. I'm on the easy side of that since I come home after a day of work (regardless of its stress level) and get to "Play" with Adler. Kristine is such an awesome Mom...I love seeing her from afar with Adler. He loves her so much, whereas Adler sees me as "Mr. Funny face who makes me laugh"...this is also a good job, but it's priceless to see Adler's need for his Mommy.

Overall, life is just a bit crazy with everything that's going on at work, at home, with family, with friends, with marriage, with parenthood, etc, etc. But! I'm having a blast going through all of it. I couldn't have it any better, and for that I am so blessed by God.

I haven't been able to do much in the realm of write music lately as the time for guitar playing is limited...I hope to get a few minutes to strum the ole geeeetur soon and finish a couple songs, but there are a couple recent "rough" tunes on my myspace page if you're interested...just click on www.myspace.com/stephenhunton

More updates to come...also, need to tell you about our B-day dinner for our friend Misty Fountain (no, she is not a porn star...just married to John Fountain)...we had a little wine tasting, and it's worth a review.

Later skaters.


roy 9:16 AM  

thanks for the update. my life is like yours except for the wife part, the kid part, the flying places part - so i completely understand.

one day friend, one day.

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