Colorado vs. Atlanta

I just got back from Colorado last Sunday, and driving to work the next day in the middle of Atlanta's world famous rush hour had me stumped. It became so glaringly obvious that my faith in Colorado is so much stronger in the Rocky Mountains than it is while driving in the city I live, at the same daily time, through the thousands of cars, to the place that helps me pay my bills. It's not because I don't believe in God when I'm in Atlanta...it's just so less OBVIOUS. In Colorado it was so painfully beautiful how real God is...from the sun coming over the top of the mountains in the morning, to seeing high school kids get the opportunity to actually act their age, to the warm pool (heated by natural springs) that my wife and I were baptised in by a good friend...I confess that Christ is real. I've seen Him. Not his actual face, but he's painted everywhere.

So, back to Atlanta...while I was in the car I realized that In Atlanta it's so painfully beautiful how real God is...from the house my wife and I bought, to the friends we're blessed to have (even our "god" daughter Graycen), to the sunsets I sometimes see as I pull into my neighborhood if I get done with work before 8pm.

Anyways...until next time.


roy 5:39 PM  

def agree - it seems we are much more prone to worship when we actually have to direct our own minds to God. In the Mts you can't help it...unless you have to poop then you are looking for a good place to dig a hole. Maybe my next blog is how you can poop while in worship. hmmm.
I'll end on that note. Welcome to the blogger nation.

arnoldlando3489 2:39 PM  
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