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So, numerous times I've mentioned my affection for photography and shamelessly promoted my images on flickr.com (flickr.com/photos/stevohunton). Recently I started thinking about this hobby and how much I love to try and capture candid moments, either with my family, or with friends at kids' b-day parties. This has sparked my desire to explore part-time photography for hire. Now, I'm not looking for a career change, as I know God has led me to my current career by no coincidence, but I have felt for a while, that I could use this hobby to do some work on the side that allows me to continue to learn more about my hobby, but also make a little money too (never hurts right??? :)

So, if you're looking for someone to shoot some portraits (Baby, Kids, Engagement, Couples) or parties such as b-days, etc...OR if you know someone who might be looking for someone, please direct them my way and I promise to give you/them a good deal ;) Here are a couple images that kinda show what I'm into from a style standpoint.

S.Hunton Photography
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roy 11:30 AM  

all i want is 75% of the cut that i send your way. jk.

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